My Life Goals & Accomplishments
List of Things To Do Before I Die / My Bucket List

"All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night…wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act out their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible." - T.E. Lawrence (1888 - 1935)
Sky Diving - July 2011

It is important to me to experience life to its fullest. Inspired by the famous list created by John Goddard, I have decided to create a list of my own representing my future dreams and goals that I wish to see reached by the conclusion of my life. Some of these will take a long period of time to complete, others can be completed in the short term, but with my life ahead of me, I will try to accomplish them all. At the end of the list you will find resources that will aid you in making your own list as well as a list of my life goals and accomplishments.

The list below is divided into two parts. On the left are listed are my acomplishments. On the right side are the goals I have set forth for myself that have yet to be completed. I have left no set time frame for these items to be completed, but do make yearly goals as well to encourage my progress.




Goals & Aspirations

  Education:   2016 Goals:
   Bachelor of Arts in History   Tae Kwon Do: Brown Belt
   Bachelor of Arts in Psychology   Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Purple Belt 3rd Stripe
   Juris Doctor     Go Powered Hang Gliding
  ..... Law Review     .. Increase Flexibility Substantially (Do a Split)
  .   ..Decrease Weight to 170 lbs
  Admitted to Practice Law In:    Read: 20 Books
   New York   ....... 0/20 Books Read
  Performing Arts:  
  New York Film Academy: One Year Acting for Film Program    
  The Pit: Improv School Level 0 (The Joy of Improv)   Adventure Sports/Activities:
  The Pit: Improv School Level 1: Intro to Imrpov   ..Air Combat
  The Pit: Improv School Level 2: Scene Work   ..Base Jump
  The Pit: Improv School Level 3: Longform   ..Bobsled
  The Pit: Improv School Level 4: Advanced Longform   ..Complete a Marathon
      ..Complete a Triathlon
  Certifications & Licenses:   ..Climb a Mountain
  Private Pilots License   ..Climb a Volcano
  Instrument Rating   ..Drive a Stock Car
  PADI Scuba Diver Certification   ..Dog Sled
  PADI Open Water Scuba Diver Certification   ..Fly a Jet
  Red Cross: Community CPR Certificaiton   ..Hang Glide
  Red Cross: Responding to Emergencies Certificaiton   ..Kite Surf
  Red Cross Epinephrine Auto-Injection Module Certification   ..Safari
  Bartending/Mixology Certification   ..Sail a Boat
  U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Boating Safety Course   ..Shark Diving
  Martial Arts & Yoga:   ..Snow Board
  ...Tae Kwon Do [1st Degree Black Belt]   ..Snow Mobile
  .. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu [Purple Belt - 3 Stripes]   ..Spelunking (Cave)
      ..Spelunking (Urban)
  Completed Adventure Sports/Activities:   ..Water Ski
   Airboat Ride [TJ's Airboats at Richardson's Fish Camp]   ..Whale Watch
   Ride an ATV [Aruba; West Yellowstone]   ..Wilderness Survival School
   Bell Dive [Bermuda]   ..Wind Surf
   Bungee Jump [AJ Hackett Las Vegas - 171 Feet]    
   Canoe [Napa Valley]   Travel:
   Go-Kart Racing [F1 Race Factory]   ..Visit the 7 Wonders of the World
   Hang Gliding (Powered) [Kona Coast by Air - Kona, HI]   ..Travel Around the World
   Horse Back Riding [Puerto Rico; New York]   ..Live Abroad
   Hot Air Ballooning [Napa Valley Aloft]   ..See the Northern Lights
   Jet Ski [San Diego]    
   Paintball [Cousins Paint Ball]   Projects:
   Paragliding [Paraglide Maui - Maui, HI]   ..Appear in a Movie
   Para-Sailing [San Diego]   ..Write a Book
   River Rafting [Western River Expeditions - Colorado River]    
   Sky Dive   Knowledge:
  ......Sky Dive Long Island - 13,500 Feet   ..Read a Thousand Books
  ...... Sky Dive the Ranch - 13,500 Feet   ..Learn to Use a Telescope
   Snorkle [Aruba; Bermuda; Florida]    
   Surf [Goofy Foot Surf School - Maui, Hawaii]   Educational Degrees:
      ..Doctorate of Psychology
  Animal Interactions:    
  Swim with Dolphins [Discovery Cove]   Certifications/Licenses:
   Feed a Dolphin [Sea World]   .. Complex-Airplane Rating
   Feed a Giraffe [World Wildlife Zoo]   .. Multi-Engine Land Rating
   Touch a Sting Ray [Discovery Cove]   .. High-Performance Aeroplane Rating
   Feed Birds in an Aviary [Gator Land]   .. Private Pilot Rotocraft License
   Hold an Alligator [Gator Land]   .. Aerobatic Flight Training Rating
   Hold a Snake [Gator Land]   .. PADI Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver Certification
   Pet a Cockaroach [Audubon Insectarium]   .. PADI Rescue Diver Certification
      .. PADI Divemaster Certification
  Travel:   .. Personal Training Certification
   Visit a Rain Forest [Puerto Rico]    
  Martial Arts Tournaments:   ..Spanish
  .2007-04-21: NAGA (W: 0 | L: 2)    
  .2007-12-17: NAGA (W: 0 | L: 2)   Learn to Play:
  .2011-02-19: The Good Fight (W: 0 | L: 2)   ..Piano
  Races:   ..Violin
  ..2010-04-18: FIDV 5 Towns 5K Run (NY) [49:34]    
  ..2010-08-15: Spartan Race 5K Run (NY) [45:42]   Performing Arts:
  ..2010-09-19: Warrior Dash 5K Run (NY) [58:43]   ..Stand Up Comedy
  ..2010-10-03: Merrell Down & Dirty 5K Run (NY) [40:55]   ..The Pit Improv Comedy School
  ..2010-10-09: Wolfe's Pond Park 10K Trail Run (NY) [1:20:17]   ...... Level 5: Advanced Scenework
  ..2010-11-21: Tough Mudder 12.1 Mile Run (NJ) [4:10:00]   ..Singing Lessons
  ..2011-09-24: Super Spartan 8 Mile Mud Run (NY) [2:18:43]    
      Learn How To:
  Other:   ..Draw
  ..Reading - [Total Books Read: 415]   ..Paint
  ..Expanding Vocabulary - [Total New Words: 435]   ..Marksmanship
      ...... Archery
      ...... Handgun
      ...... Rifle
      Martial Arts:
      ..Judo [After Blackbelt in BJJ]
  Online Resources
The following links will take you to lists created by other individuals, magazines, or websites that can be an inspiration or a guide in the process of creating your own life lists. I updated this list every 6 months since some sites are taken off line and others are created. I hope they are of use, and more will be added as they are found.
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  Places to Make Your Own List
Below are websites that allow you to create your own list of things you wish to accomplish. Many of the sites also provide suggestions and allow you to look at the lists other people made. They are a helpful resource, especially if you are unable, for whatever reason, to create a site listing your goals like I have here.
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